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​How to Properly Clean Your Wooden Utensils

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Wooden utensils are a handy staple in most kitchens, but without proper care they can easily become worn, infested with bacteria, and no good for food use. However, cleaning your wooden cutting boards, spoons, and spatulas doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In fact, a little warm water, bleach, salt, and lemons will ensure that your tools are perfectly cleaned in time to whip up a bowl of grandma’s signature tomato pasta.

From someone who loves putting just about anything and everything into my dishwasher, It’s important that you NEVER do so with your wooden utensils. The elongated exposure to hot water and intense steam will dry out the wood and cause it to crack easily. This temporary convenience is not worth ruining the timeless functionality of your wooden tools.

Instead, opt to clean your wooden utensils with warm, soapy water quickly after use. This will ensure that your utensils experience minimal staining, and the wood has little time to house germs. After washing, pat down your utensils with a towel and allow them to air dry.

Steps to Soaking Your Wooden Utensils

For a deeper clean it is recommended that you periodically soak your utensils in warm water with bleach. To do so follow these steps:

Step 1. Fill your sink with warm water.

Step 2. Add bleach (A good ratio is one part bleach to 20 parts water).

Step 3. Place utensils in water and allow to soak for 45 minutes to an hour.

Step 4. Drain the solution and wash utensils with hot, soapy water, rinsing throughly.

Step 5. Pat utensils with a cloth and allow them to air dry

While it is not encouraged to soak your utensils often, it is important to do so from time to time to properly disinfect the wood and eliminate any bacterial build up over time.

Another quick disinfectant tip comes from Martha Stewart.

While the home guru agrees that all wooden utensils should be gently cleaned with hot, soapy water soon after use, she also has another clever idea for cleaning your wooden cutting boards using a lemon and salt.

Steps to Disinfecting Your Wooden Utensils with Lemons and Salt

To complete the process follow these steps:

Step 1. Wash your board in very hot, soapy water and rinse well.

Step 2. Sprinkle a healthy dose of salt across the board.

Step 3. Work the salt into the board by rubbing it with a cut lemon.

Step 4. Rinse in cold water and allow to dry (preferably in the sun).

The lemon will freshen up the wood giving it a pleasant scent while disinfecting the surface.

Wooden utensils are an iconic utensil in any kitchen and will outlast their silicone counterparts if given the proper care. Don't be intimidated by another germ-infested wooden tool and use these tips to start cleaning with confidence.

I'm curious, what's your secret to keeping your wooden tools spic and span? Share your process with us in the comments below!

Have you tried these tips before? Tell us what you liked/disliked about them as well! We'd love to hear your feedback!





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